How technology has advanced our interaction with entertainment

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In years past, the options when it came to entertainment were pretty limited. You had a small number of TV channels to choose from, and the radio, along with some early games consoles or whatever CDs you had to play on your stereo. That was about it when it came to keeping yourself entertained in your spare time. Then technology cam along and totally altered not only what you could do but also the way in which you could do it.

What was behind this massive shake-up in entertainment?

The internet is born

Most of the ways in which entertainment and the way we interact with it changed is due to the internet. When Tim Berners-Lee first introduced the internet to the world in 1991, it was a lot different to what it is now. However, over time it developed and the whole world became connected in one massive online community. That was a huge technological advance for the entertainment world and is one that has presented new, previously unheard-of ways of having fun.

How has technology changed our interaction with entertainment?

The internet has grown to become the behemoth we know and love today, and the technology that powers it and the whole world has changed due to scientific advances and public demand for what it provides. From mobile networks to fast high-speed broadband connections and ever more sophisticated consoles, technology has allowed significant changes in the way we are entertained. Here are some of the most influential:

  • Playing the lotto – there was a time when to interact with playing the lottery, you had to actually go to the local store and physically buy a ticket. Then you had to wait to hear the results on the news hours after it had been drawn. Technology has changed that by making it fun and easy to play lottery games online without leaving your house. Finding the lotto results for all US states and several countries is much faster and easier now as you can simply check online for them.
  • Listening to music – another form of entertainment that we interact with differently now thanks to advances in technology is listening to music. The latest streaming technology means you can access the music of thousands of artists and songs online via services like Spotify. Creating playlists is all done digitally now which is much easier than manually compiling physical mix tapes as in the past. New technology has also allowed for great sounding headphones and wireless speakers to be produced so you can listen to your tunes in high quality wherever you happen to be.
  • Reading books – who remembers having to actually go to a bookshop in person and buy a book to read? Once done, you would then have to find somewhere to store it. Technology has totally changed that though by allowing you to download and read books online via your tablet or e-reader. With the thousands of books available, you can carry your whole library with you now, regardless of where you are.
  • How we play video games – video gaming is another area of entertainment that we interact with in a different way due to technological advancements. The latest consoles, having more responsive controllers, give a much more interactive and compelling feeling when you play.  Online tech also means that you can play with other gamers from the comfort of your own sofa, wherever they may be in the world. With VR headsets and games also being used, the video gaming experience is more advanced than ever before.
  • Watching TV – there was a time when TV could be a bit boring to watch. The only interaction you had was to flick between a few channels, looking for something to interest you. The advent of Satellite TV and the streaming services like Netflix changed that for good. Now, you have a huge choice of a myriad of channels and exciting TV series, and you can choose what you want to watch live and which programs you would like to record to view later.
  • Mobile phones – you couldn’t mention changes regarding interacting with entertainment without talking about smartphones. They have radically altered the way we indulge our favorite pastimes and we now use them for many things that we wouldn’t have in the past. From chatting to friends to playing online games or watching a movie, the technological leaps in mobile phones have had a massive impact.

Will we see more changes in the future?

There is an old saying that goes “the only things certain in life are death and taxes”. It should also include advances in technology as this is always moving forward. As technology develops so does the way we interact with the world.

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