System Requirements For File Recovery Software

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Every laptop user must create backup when they have any new data. Data backup will be helpful for you in worst situations such as when your laptop will not work properly. There are many reasons when laptop will not work and laptop user should have to know about those reasons. Some of major reasons of data lost from laptop are:

  • Power related problems such as less power or power outage
  • Human error such as formatting or deletion of data suddenly
  • Firewall blocking
  • Hardware failure or problems such as hard disk is not working because of bad RAM or bad sectors division
  • Improper shutdown or pressing or holding power button for more time
  • Failure of ejection of external hard drives or other storage devices

If you have lost your data from laptop, then do not take any tension. Technology is on high point and you can get back your complete data within seconds but condition is that you should have to install data recovery software in your laptop. If you face any problem during installation of file recovery software, just follow the installation guide which is available on the webpage on the respective IT Company. You may also contact to the customer care support and ask your query. Before downloading software in your laptop, check the reviews given by other users and then choose which is best.

When laptop user is about to install free file recovery software in the laptop, he or she must have to check the system requirement which is needed by recovery software. All system requirements of file recovery software are given here:

Operating system supported by recovery software

  • Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / vista / XP
  • Windows server 2016
  • Windows server 2008
  • Windows server 2012
  • Windows server 2003

File system

  • FAT (FAT 12, FAT 16, FAT 32)
  • exFAT
  • NTFS
  • NTFS5
  • Ext2
  • Ext3
  • HFS+

CPU – with atleast x86

RAM – atleast 128 MB
Disk space- 32 MB minimum space for recovery software installation

Some users are here who are not afforded to buy licensed version of recovery software. So, they are in search of free recovery software so that they can get back stored data from laptop in original format. There are too much different features in both free data recovery software and in paid data recovery software.

There are too many advanced features included in data recovery software, which is listed below. These features are enabled in free data recovery software:

  • Recovery file preview
  • User friendly design
  • Email notifications
  • Duplicate file recognition
  • recover deleted files from recycle bin
  • Time compatibility with machine
  • Advanced search functions

There are number of extra features which are included in paid data recovery software, are here:

  • Supports HFS and NTFS file system
  • Advanced search
  • Add known custom file type patterns
  • Secure erase tool
  • Email notifications
  • RAID recovery
  • Professional user interface
  • Unlimited drive recoveries
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