Social media impacting Tallahassee tourism

Social Media

Tourism in the capital city is on the rise and some think that one “hashtag” could have something to do with it.

According to Visit Tallahassee, the city has seen 8 consecutive years of growth in tourism; including number of visitors, rooms sold, and jobs within the industry.

One of the main reasons for the growth may come as a surprise- in fact, many residents may have contributed without even knowing it.

“Social media is so important to what we do, and user generated content is a huge part of that,” said Visit Tallahassee Director Kerri Post. “Every time a resident shares a post of something they are doing around the city using #iHeartTally, they are truly benefiting all of us.”

The hashtag #iHeartTally is a campaign created by Visit Tallahassee to help residents and tourists share and discover unique parts of the city.

The concept is simple- asking that anyone at a unique park or local business snap a picture, write a quick post, and upload the image to social media using the hashtag #iHeartTally.

Danny Aller, nicknamed the Tallahassee Twitter Mayor by friends and family, is living proof of how the campaign can work.

He constantly shares photos and posts from locations around town, and has become many resident’s go-to for all things Tallahassee.

“If you know the secret to living and doing Tallahassee right, don’t keep it to yourself, share it with people,” Aller said. “That’s the whole idea.”

And the twitter mayor isn’t the only one posting. Hundreds of Tallahassee residents are now using social media as a way of marketing their favorite parts of the city.

Eric Pounders is the marketing director of “For The Table” Hospitality. He says that simply using social media can attract visitors to our city.

“Tallahassee has a fun little vibe to it, and quaint little characteristics of us, and let that shine through in your social media and have fun with it,” Pounders said, “You never know who might see a post and think ‘That looks so cool! I want to go visit Tallahassee!'”.

And with more visitors, comes more benefits to our city.

“It generates taxes from the visitors, not from residents, so the visitors are paying, that go to build roads and improve schools,” Post said,” So tourism really has a significant impact on a community like Tallahassee.”So next time you are doing something interesting in the capital city, make sure to share using the hashtag #iHeartTally. You could be doing much more than just getting likes!


Written by Loknath Das