Smart Cooking Ideas to Help You Lose Belly Fat


Results of a study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology have talked about how you should be conscious about the inches piling on your mid-section and the need to lose belly fat. Former senior researcher at the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute and co-author of the results, Caroline Fox, M.D., M.P.H. says, “What’s really interesting is that we show that an increase in the amount of stomach fat and a lower density fat is associated with worse heart disease risk factors — even after accounting for how much weight was gained.”

Doctors are increasingly issuing warnings about the excess inches on your midriff. Consult your medical practitioner and she will likely talk to you about how the paunch that starts to appear even in otherwise slim people can eventually lead to a range of health issues. When directing you on how to lose belly fat, she may ask you adopt a nutritious diet plan along with some lifestyle changes so you can keep fit and free of excess weight-related illnesses.

You Can Cook Nutritious AND Delicious Meals

Think “nutritious diet plan” and you’re likely to have visions of bland, unappetizing food. But, the good news is that healthy meals don’t necessarily have to be tasteless and unappealing. With the right cooking methods and some smart thinking, you can cook delicious meals for your family that are packed with goodness and great taste. A rule of the thumb? Serve meals just as you always have. Only, make a few substitutions that taste equally great but allow you to cut back on the calories and lose belly fat.

Breakfast Options

The next time you go shopping for breakfast cereal, choose wholegrain, broken wheat, or oatmeal preparations. You may have to try a couple of brands before you find the one you like but focus on finding one that has no or a low percentage of added sugar. When picking out milk, choose the 1% variety or skimmed milk, again with no sugar. To add a touch of sweetness when you’re ready to eat, sprinkle trail mix, dried fruit, honey, or even fresh fruit.

Make eggs for breakfast with a generous helping of your favorite toppings like spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, and so on. Not only will the meal fill you with energy and keep you going until lunch, it is highly nutritious and low-cal.

As for the orange juice, again choose a brand that has no added sugar. If you can make fresh juice, that would be great. If not, dilute the canned variety with 50% or three-quarters water or plain soda. Better yet, have water instead. Adding skimmed milk and Stevia sweetener to your tea and coffee are other great ideas that can help you lose belly fat.

Lunch Options

If you’re opting for soup, avoid the ones that have a heavy cream content and choose broth-based or clear soups instead. Look for whole grain breads when making sandwiches to lose belly fat quickly. And, load them up with all the vegetables possible. If you must add protein, pick out the grilled variety like say, broiled chicken. In place of the mayo, try hummus, Greek yogurt, pesto, or any kind of nut butter you like. Add a cup of unsweetened, low-fat yogurt with a helping of fresh fruit piled on top to your meal.

If you absolutely must have fries to go with it, satisfy the urge with a helping of mashed potatoes. Make them with skimmed milk and a little low-fat cream. Here’s a secret to adding taste to healthier meals. Pile on the spices and herbs like oregano, pepper, garlic, ginger, thyme, rosemary, and any others you love. You won’t notice the low fat content.

Snacking Options

It’s understandable that you’ll need some snacks during the day to keep your energy levels up. But, snacks can also help you lose weight by burning fat if you pick the right ones. For instance, choose apples and any other kind of fruit, or a fruit smoothie with no added sugar and skimmed milk. Or, try cottage cheese sprinkled with herbs, lentil spreads and chips, light tuna on whole wheat crackers, organic popcorn with sea salt, roasted edamame, and ricotta cheese with fruit. A handful of assorted nuts is another great choice to help you lose belly fat.

Dinner Options

The sensible dinner choices you make will translate into good health for the entire family. Choose lean meats and fish packed with Omega-3 fatty acids and top with sauces made with tomatoes and other vegetables. Lose belly fat by baking and broiling meats instead of frying and watch the toppings you add. For instance, lay off the regular cheese and cream in favor of feta cheese, parmesan, camembert, and mozzarella. Add spices and herbs for extra taste and make sure to include a hearty salad with every meal topped with low-fat delicious dressings. As for dessert, indulge yourself on rare occasions but just keep the portions sizes small. For everyday cravings, fresh fruit, angel cake, or a small piece of chocolate should do the trick.

Eliminate the Last Extra Inches with Non-Invasive Fat Removal Techniques

As your doctor will advise, moderate exercise is another must-do to maintain healthy blood circulation and high metabolism levels. On your road to getting a flat belly, you could also consider non-invasive fat removal methods to help you lose those final stubborn inches. For instance, ask around about what is CoolSculpting and how it can help you. You could also find out about ultrasound cavitation or lasering. These techniques can melt away the fat so the body absorbs and eliminates the cells naturally.

Here’s Some Other Interesting Information

Use these tips to help you stay on the road to fitness and lose belly fat. Your brain becomes accustomed to high-fat foods and craves them constantly. But, when you eat nutritive, healthy meals, you can condition your brain to crave them instead. A few months down the line, given a choice between the regular and low-fat meals, you’ll instinctively choose the nutritious options.

It case you don’t have the time to cook meals and you order takeaway a lot, spend a few minutes checking the calorie content of the food before you order. Most restaurant chains provide you with the complete list of ingredients and calories in every dish they serve. You only need to make some smart choices and request substitutions. And, you’re sorted.

Here’s to a healthy long life.

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