New PM must help children with special educational needs


Deaf boy and teacher.

Deaf boy and teacher. Photograph: Brian Mitchell/Alamy

It’s heartbreaking to see that children with special educational needs are being left without the support they so desperately need (Special needs education is breaking our budgets, say councils, 19 July). Every child in this country has been promised a world-class education. Instead, they’re being constantly held back because of a chronic lack of funding.

The responsibility to fix it now falls to the incoming prime minister. They’ll inherit a broken system that is failing disabled children. They’ll have to find a way of reversing cuts to staff and repairing the damage caused by years of underinvestment. But they’ll also get the chance to have a lasting impact on the lives of over a million children. Whether they choose to take it, and how quickly they act, will show exactly what kind of leader they want to be.


Written by Loknath Das