Michael Schumacher Latest Health Update ‘All Fake’? Family Hiding Secrets Behind Privacy Façade?


Michael Schumacher Latest Health Update ‘All Fake’? Family Hiding Secrets Behind Privacy Façade?

Michael Schumacher health condition reports have been coming out in tidbits ever since he met with an accident three years ago during skiing. No one knows for sure the exact status of his health except his family members and the health professionals attending him. His manager and former boss of Ferrari spilled out some information about Schumi’s health. However, it does not seem to be satisfactory enough.


Michael Schumacher although is not in a coma but is still paralyzed, immobile and restricted to a wheelchair. In other words, he is completely dependent upon the care and upkeep that the caregivers and his family are currently providing. Schumi is fortunate to have a dedicated wife of 20 years, Corinna, reports The Bitbag.

Schumi & Corinna’s Struggle Continues

The F1 driver always kept his personal life private although he enjoyed an immense fan following. And his family and friends are taking care that he is treated in utmost privacy the way Schumi liked. Many fans are alleging that the family members are hiding somesecrets regarding the champion’s health under the façade of privacy.

However, Corinna, 46, and the kids are simply trying to prevent exposure of Michael Schumacher to the perceptions and speculations of public. The wife of the seven-time champion has remained by his side all through this tough period like a “guardian angel.”

Kehm And Montezemolo’s Statement Deceptive?

Recently, the manager of the formula one driver accepted lifetime achievement award on behalf of the star racer. In her speech, Kehm said that the award acknowledges the great motivation, willpower, work ethic and discipline of the champion. She stated that everyone would have to accept the fact that Schumacher cannot be among everyone. According to Kehm, everyone can only hope that it could be different again.

Ex-chairman of Ferrari and close friend of Schumi, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo also recently made a statement. He said he was pleased that the famous formula one star is reacting to treatment.

Both these statements indicate that Kehm and Montezemolo are hopeful that Michael Schumacher will get better. However, it does not indicate in any way that the formula one driver is getting better. So, can we way that this is the ‘real’ information about Michael Schumacher’s health?

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Written by Saheli