Michael Schumacher Health Condition Latest Update: Formula One Legend’s Road to Recovery Reportedly Not Improving Since Ski Accident, Family Wants to Maintain Privacy


Michael Schumacher

The fans of Formula One legend Michael Schumacher are getting increasingly worried after new reports have surfaced saying that he is not getting any better in terms of recovering from his ski accident back in 2014. His family remains tight-lipped about his health condition as they are intent on keeping the matter private.

Michael Schumacher hit his head on a rock while crossing a ski path at the French Alps back in 2014 and his health has been a major concern since then. Accordingly, he has remained in a coma after the incident after his family confirmed the reports. Also, no signs of consciousness were reported days after the skiing accident.

Michael Schumacher Left Hospital in June 2014, Fans Still Waiting For Health Update

Formula One legend Michael Schumacher reportedly left the hospital back in June 2014 and have attended a rehabilitation center for three months. Fans have been waiting for any update on Schumacher’s health but have not received any. The family of Schumacher reportedly wanted to keep his condition a secret and does not want the public to pry on his privacy anymore.

Michael Schumacher’s Manager Releases Statement

The manager of Michael Schumacher , Sabine Kehm, recently released a statement about the decision of the racer’s family to keep everything under wraps. Kehm said in a statement, “We all know that I cannot comment. We just have to accept that the family wants to continue to protect their privacy. Of course, Michael will not disappear but at the moment the private situation is so difficult that unfortunately no insight can be given. There must be understanding for this.”

Kehm did not give updates and neither confirmed nor denied that Michael Schumacher is not improving from the ski accident.

Despite the seven-time Formula One world champion no longer racing, Michael Schumacher’s 17-year-old son, Mick, seems to continue his legacy. He is being managed by Kehm for his racing career.

Ferrari Boss Gives Health Update on Michael Schumacher

Although the family of Michael Schumacher does not want the public to have anything to know about Schumacher, Ferrari chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo said that the Formula One legend is now being taken care of by a full-time rehabilitation staff. He is also at his home in Lake Genova. These reports have not been confirmed by the family of Schumacher, Christian Times reported.

Michael Schumacher’s Wife Loses Hope About Condition of Husband?

The wife of Michael Schumacher, Corinna, reportedly feels that the Formula One legend will no longer be able to recover and enjoy things he did in the past so she decided to sell his holiday pad as well as his private jet earlier this year.

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Written by Saheli