Here’s What Makes Budding Photographer Love Delhi

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Delhi certainly is a must-explore city for a budding photographer. With the charming ancient forts and monuments that the city treasures, you are sure to capture some amazing pictures working your creativity around with your camera! So, if you are someone starting to explore your photography skills and are looking for a place to work your skills around, then Delhi is the place for you! Roaming around in the city capturing parts of it you are sure to fall in love with Delhi! Book Chennai to Delhi flight tickets online at reasonable prices and plan your trip now! Here we’ve made a list of places to surely visit for you, so have a look and go ahead with planning your travel and exploring!

Red Fort

Now how can someone visit Delhi and not make it a point to stop by the Red Fort? The delightful ancient structure of the Red Fort with its massive enclosing walls made of red sandstone and the entire fort itself is a must-see! It is also an aptspot for capturing your creative pictures with the perfect ancient vibe that the fort holds and displays. Once you get a clear look at the place, it is up to you to make things work according to your camera and click pictures perfectly capturing the details in the architectural design and the attractive red structure of this ancient fort! The historical significance of the Lal Qila would only add to the vibe of your pictures!

Qutab Minar

Qutab Minar of coursemust be on the top on your list of places to visit for some picture-perfect snaps! This 240-foot-tall tower of five stories, with its beautifully architected design, stands as one of the monuments in the Qutab complex pulling everyone’s attention! You can certainly capture as many pictures as you wish of this ancient monument with a beautiful background in every angle, and check out other places within the complex that so positively holds a charming ancient aura about it!

Humayun’s Tomb

Keeping up with the historical theme going on, the next stop we suggest is Humayun’s Tomb, another one of the famous attractions in Delhi. Designed by a Persian architect and constructed ages ago around 1570, the tomb of the Mughal emperor Humayun stands as a charming structure, also the first garden-tomb on the Indian subcontinent. This ancient tomb enhanced by the beautiful architecture, its pleasant surroundings and the historic aura around it is sure to make your visit a great hit! Also, there are other ancient monuments and structures lining the pathway leading to the actual tomb that also might add a little something to your pictures!

India Gate

How can a discussion about Delhi even be complete without the mention of the great India Gate? India Gate, originally called All India War Memorial, was constructed as a memorial to the 82,000 Indian soldiers that died during the First World War and stands as one of the major splendors of the country. The wonderful architectural style of the monument with names of servicemen and of soldiers and officers of the United Kingdom engraved on it is an absolute must see. Along with being a pride of the Nation and a monument with a significant history, the magnificent architecture of the structure is a sight to admire. So, take your camera along and visit the India Gate and capture some epic pictures to match the actual structure!

Apart from these famous captivating places that adorn the city of Delhi, there are a bunch of other places and structures here that might catch your attention and that you would love capturing! Some of the other attractions you can check out include the Lotus Temple and Jama Masjid. All you need to do is a little exploring around the city and Delhi never disappoints! So, head over to your user-friendly online travel guide now and get your trip planned! Book Chennai to Delhi flight tickets online though the portal and get all the other bookings also done easily and comfortably, then sit back and get ready for your exploring!

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