Health Tips: Immediately quit these bad habits to keep kidney healthy


Health Tips: Immediately quit these bad habits to keep kidney healthy

Kidney is an important part of the body. Kidney works by cleaning the blood in the body and removing the toxin present in it, but due to the wrong lifestyle and bad habits, the kidneys can be affected. Let us know about some such habits.

Sitting for long periods of time: You might feel a bit awkward to hear this, but it is true that sitting for long periods of time and not exercising can lead to problems like cancer, diabetes and heart attack. By doing any kind of exercise, you can keep your heart issues in check, which helps kidney to perform work.

Avoiding drinking enough water: Hydrating our body is very important for our organs to function properly. Keeping your body hydrated is essential for your organs to function properly, especially the kidneys. Water helps to flush out the toxins present in the body and this makes it easier for the kidneys to cleanse your system. But if you do not drink enough water, you are at risk of having UTI and kidney stones. So drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

Foods rich in sodium and red meat: To keep the kidney healthy, one should avoid eating foods that have a high sodium content. Not doing so can increase your blood pressure and cause swelling in your hands, feet, and ankles. In addition, occasionally eating red meat is fine, but regular eating can be dangerous for health. Animal meats or animal protein sources contain toxins such as ammonia and nitrogen that can damage your kidney. Other options are that you can try fish or white meat.

Too much sweet food: Although everyone likes sweet food, but more than necessary can be dangerous for your health. It can be dangerous for your kidney along with giving birth to type 2 diabetes.

Holding Urine: Many women are not aware of this, our bladder can hold about two cups of liquid for 3-4 hours. But due to some women having difficulty in going to the public bathroom, they hold urine for a long time. Doing so can be harmful to your kidney. By not going in the heat, you are preventing your organs from taking out the toxin. This can lead to UTIs, damage to pelvic area problems, kidney stones and more.

Alcohol and smoking: Smoking cigarettes makes it difficult to filter out our kidney toxins. In addition, alcohol causes dehydration and damages the kidney’s ability to balance fluids. This can also increase your blood pressure.

Lack of information about blood pressure: This is the right time when you should monitor your blood pressure and make it your habit. Kidney damage can cause high blood pressure. Kidney uses blood and blood vessels from the heart system to filter out the toxins and distribute the nutrients. If you have high BP disease, it means that there is something wrong with the cardiovascular system.


Written by Loknath Das