Be on Guard for Teen Addiction in Many Forms

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As the parent of a teenager, it can be a daunting job. This is especially the case considering your teen can fall prey to addiction in many forms. Your biggest concern as a parent is drug and alcohol abuse. The risk is real, often requiring detox therapy and extended outpatient drug rehab to treat. Teens can have easy access to alcohol. It’s available in most homes. Even if it isn’t in your household, all you need to do is look in the refrigerator or liquor cabinet in the homes of your teen’s friends. Prescription medication abuse has become another issue for teens today as they use their family members’ medication or get a hold of it from other kids at school. If there is a drug that is available, your teen could find his or her way to trouble. These are the most obvious types of addiction. However, there are other types of addiction that are preying on teens today. Be on guard as you consider these real dangers.

Watch Out for Nicotine Addiction

Nicotine is another drug that is available in a variety of sources for teens. Your teen could find a way to smoke regular cigarettes, use electronic cigarettes, chew nicotine gum, or use a nicotine patch to get the rush from this stimulant that is the preferred drug of so many. Once your teen falls into the trap of nicotine use, nicotine addiction can grab hold quickly. You need to understand how serious a problem it is. When you see the public service ads for help to quit smoking, there’s a reason. People have a very hard time stopping on their own. If your teen is using nicotine in some form, your support is going to be needed.

Phone Addiction is a Serious Problem

Phone addiction is another source of addiction that is growing more common among teens and young adults. Teenagers are glued to their phones. They are checking them constantly, playing games, staying active on social media, video chatting, or texting. Limiting screen time is an important move you can make to help your teen to avoid this source of addiction. You can put blocks on certain apps, limit data usage, and establish a rule in your household that the phone is put away after a certain point in the day. Make sure homework always comes first. Be aware that the computer can be another source of temptation. You must be vigilant to keep your teen out of trouble.

Watch Out for Too Much Gaming

Video gaming is another form of addiction that can take over a teen’s life. It isn’t only confined to his or her bedroom. Video games have Internet platforms that can connect your teen with players from all over the world. When the rest of the family is sound asleep at night, your son or daughter may be caught up in a virtual world. Make sure you set clear limits on video game time as well to steer clear of addiction.

What Can You Do to Combat Addiction?

The best way that you can help your teen to avoid addiction is by being present in his or her life. Open the door to communication. Look for any signs of addiction. If your teen is facing any type of addiction, you need to get help for your son or daughter. When you work together, you can guide your teen toward a step in the right direction.

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