Gary Barlow: We need to detox from technology


Gary Barlow: We need to detox from technologyTake That's Gary Barlow sings at the Apple Music Festival

The singer, who has three children – aged, 16, 14 and seven – was quoted as telling the Mail: “Never mind food, we need detoxing from bloody technology.

“It’s in everyone’s lives and I don’t think you realise what a problem it is until you stop it.

“It’s almost like having a permanent nervous twitch: Quick, check Twitter! Quick, check the news! Quick, check Google! It’s crazy.

Gary Barlow
(Jonathan Brady/PA)

“Wellbeing is a completely under-rated subject and I think in this stressful age, we never really take a real holiday or check out from the real world.”

Gary, who is about to appear on BBC1 show Let It Shine, added: “Now I regularly turn my phone off and in our household now we try not to put on the wi-fi, watch a screen or have any blue light after 8 o’clock at night – and I realise the world continues to turn and nobody dies if I don’t answer an email immediately.”


Written by Saheli