Follow These 3 Super Simple Yet Effective Tips By Rujuta Diwekar For Healthy Skin, Hair And Digestion This Summer


Follow These 3 Super Simple Yet Effective Tips By Rujuta Diwekar For Healthy Skin, Hair And Digestion This Summer

Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has always been about all things natural, homemade and local. In one of her recent posts on Instagram, she talks about three simple yet effective tips for preventing common problems during summer like dandruff, laziness,sweating, body odour, etc. Apart from the regular tips like eating healthy foods, keeping yourself hydrated and exercising regularly, following these tips can provide added benefits to your overall health. Below are 3 things suggested by Rujuta Diwekar to beat the summer heat.

3 simple yet effective tips to beat summer heat

1. Add neem in bathing water: According to Rujuta, soaking neem leaves in bathing water can help in preventing dandruff and black heads on the face.

2. Have Dahi or chaas (buttermilk) for lunch: A common occurrence during hot summer afternoon is feeling lazy, sleepy and even lethargic. You can avoid this by eating dahi with lunch or having a chilled and refreshing glass of chaas or buttermilk. These probiotics can help in improving your gut health and digestion, and also prevent the very annoying afternoon slump. Dahi or chaas can also keep your sugar cravings under check.

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3. Add vala or khus roots (vetiver) in drinking water: While drinking water is an absolute essential to maintain your hydration levels on time, adding khus roots to your drinking water can provide you with added benefits of tightening pores on the face and preventing body odour.


Drink lots of water to beat the summer heat and stay hydrated
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Remember, summer heat can take a toll on your digestion, impact your skin negatively and worsen hair quality. This is especially for those who are in jobs that require being outdoors for long periods of time. Exercise regularly, include lots of seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet. A healthy lifestyle is the single most effective tip for good health, skin, hair, digestion, etc.

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Written by Loknath Das