Your Favorite South Florida Abuela Wins Over Social Media

Social Media

Miami native Jenny Lorenzo has taken social media by storm with her abuela character. The Cuban American has a unique voice pounding out viral videos with Latino specific content on various platforms.

Donning her signature grey wig, the actress and producer is your abuela.

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“The abuela character is based on my abuela and everyone else’s abuela,” Lorenzo explained.The online star, born and raised in Miami, is blowing up social media and YouTube with viral videos that stay true to her Latina roots.

“I’m trying to represent Miami culture and Cuban culture as best as I can while also trying to cover as many Latin American countries as possible. I’m trying to represent people like me, bilinguals, people that live in the hyphen of you know, Cuban-American, Puerto-Rican American.”

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Over cafecitos at Versailles, I had the pleasure of speaking with this fierce Latina about her inspiration for her unique comedy persona — which first appeared in “Pero Like” on Buzzfeed and now “We Are MITU”.

“Especially now that my abuelita’s gone, it’s like I get to like keep her there and I get to keep other people’s abuelita’s there.”

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While I know a thing or two about having a Cuban grandmother, Jenny has this act down to a tee, nailing all the relatable nuances. She taught me a few of her favorite abuela “dichos” or phrases. Lorenzo also threw in a few other superstitious sayings.

“You can’t take a bath after you eat or you’ll die. You can’t walk around barefoot. You can’t walk around with your hair wet.”

As we took a tour around Calle Ocho, Jenny also hopes her act can be a voice for Latinos.

“It’s become more than just a funny character. I just want people to be proud of their culture and not be ashamed.”

The self-proclaimed tiny geek and “aguacate” lover has clearly already broken a few barriers with over 16,000 YouTube subscribers relating to her proud display of Hispanic heritage and authenticity.

“I think it’s about time we show real Miami like for what it is. I think they identify with me and my content because I just keep it real.”

The actress lives in Los Angeles but she doesn’t forget where she came from, especially her love of Miami Cuban food.

“I love arroz con frijoles negros, yuca, platanos fritos. I’m a big tostones fan.”

With her Spanglish phrases and characters, this loud and proud Latina hoes to keep expanding to bigger platforms, showing the vastness and nuanced perspective of who Latinos truly are.

“I get people from like young teenagers to like abuelas. I’ve had abuelas legit write me and they like it. They like the content. I’m like yay! I want to just keep fighting the good fight.”

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Written by Saheli