Anyone who walks can run, so start now


To start with, soft ground is better, but if you even run on a hard surface like concrete or tarmac but land softly, you are doing great. Just move, says Rajat Chauhan.

This is a new running series that intends to connect you with your own self and make you the best you possibly can be. Movement is a very basic instinct for all things, whether living or non-living. All heavenly bodies like planets, stars, comets etc. and living beings like bacteria, animals, birds and fish move. Everything in nature moves.

We humans not only were born to run, but first as a sperm, we ran to be born. Just that we have been lied to all along that it was a race, when in fact it was all predetermined.

Each sperm had a specific role, very similar to rockets having various modules lasting only for a section of the journey, when only the spaceship ends up going into space. Move and run because that’s what makes you your best and you deserve no less. It’s about you and no one else. For that you need to let go of competing with others; you are your own competition.

For that you need to go back to the basics, the way you were as a child. You ran around in the park because it made you come alive. You weren’t trying to win or attempting the best form. You almost moved as if you were dancing without a care in the world. You were just being you.

Running is simple. Anyone who walks can run. Just start standing in a place and moving your legs up and down, barely lifting your feet off the ground. Your movement is almost like a march past. But each time you land, you land your feet on the ground, it should be very soft. Now change it to a slow jog in the same spot.

Now, if you were to start moving forward, very slowly though, it is running. That’s it. You’ve got it. Only do that for a minute or less.

Then walk for 3-5 minutes. Repeat the slow jog for another 30-60 seconds.

Running route

To start with, I suggest you remove all the obstacles and just move. Yes, soft ground is better, but if you even run on a hard surface like concrete or tarmac but land softly, you are doing great. Just move.

Soon enough in the series we’ll start talking about various running routes too. Just walk or run around your office or home complex, or the park in your vicinity.

Exercises: hobbit toe curls

Your two feet alone have more than a quarter of all the bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments in your body. We smart humans then wear shoes from a very early age and start using them as one single platform.

Whoever designed us humans would have had very few bones and muscles in our feet if it was to be only one single rigid unit, but it is supposed to be mobile and supple. Wearing shoes for more than half our lives and sitting on chairs for even longer has weakened our feet immensely.

This simple exercise will help you get your feet moving the way they should.

Take off your shoes and socks. Put your feet on a newspaper or a towel. Now start with one foot and attempt to crumple the newspaper or towel by curling your toes towards your feet. Hold it for a second. Let go. Repeat 11 times. Do it three times a day.

Within a month you’ll notice that you are less flat footed and even lighter on your feet when you run. Keep miling and smiling.





Written by Loknath Das