6 Reasons You Should Consider Going for Smartlipo


Liposuction has been around for many years and remains one of the world’s primary weight loss surgical procedures today. While many people have undergone the procedure, many are still reluctant to go for a traditional liposuction because of its intrusive nature. But Smartlipo aimed to change all that by providing a less intrusive version of liposuction that has been slowly gaining in popularity. But what is Smartlipo exactly and what are its benefits?

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What is Smart Lipo?

Smartlipo uses laser technology to literally melt fat in problem areas. It uses a single laser fiber that will be inserted into the body through a cannula which will target specific areas where there are fat deposits. Smartlipo also works to eliminate sagginess and tighten the skin to rejuvenate it and give it a more youthful look.

Now that we have a better idea of what Smartlipo is, let’s take a look at some of Smartlipo’s benefits.

Smartlipo Allows You to Define Your Body

Most people know that dieting and exercise are all great ways to lose weight and gain more definition, however, one of the areas where they’re lacking is in their ability to target specific areas. As much as you’d like to, you can’t specifically target belly fat or love handles through diet and exercise. Smartlipo, on the other hand, allows you to remove excess fat on your most problematic areas.

It’s also one of the best ways to rid of stubborn fat as well. Some of us may have fat in certain areas that we can’t seem to get rid of no matter how much we try. The only way to get rid of this kind of fat is Smartlipo. Whether it’s your underarms, thighs, hips and flanks, neck, or chin, Smartlipo can take care of it.

Smartlipo is Minimally Intrusive

If you don’t like the idea of having to go through general anesthesia in order to get rid of your fat, you are not alone. Not everybody is ready to take this kind of risk for something that is nothing more than a cosmetic procedure to many. But with Smartlipo, this is not something you have to worry about. The procedure can be done through local anesthesia and recovery times are much shorter than with a regular lipo. As a matter of fact, most patients that worked with The London Medical & Aesthetic Clinic said that they were able to get back on track in less than a week.

During recovery, you will often be asked to stay on a low sodium diet and to try to limit the amount of physical activity you engage in. Other than that, you should be able to get back on your feet pretty fast, in as little as 2 to 3 days in some cases.

The Results are Permanent

When you lose a certain amount of weight, the weight cells do not completely disappear but shrink instead. So, if you lost weight in a specific area, then there’s nothing you can do to refrain from regaining it in the same spot. However, with Smartlipo, fat cells disappear completely. This means that the results will generally be permanent, and you won’t be able to regain a lot of weight in the areas that were targeted.

You Get Results Almost Instantly

Nobody wants to undergo treatment multiple times if they can find a way to avoid it. However, with Smartlipo, the results are almost instant, and you’ll start seeing results after your first procedure very fast. In most cases, you’ll start noticing results a few days after you’ve undergone your procedure and results will continue to show in the subsequent months. While you can always go for more than one Smartlipo treatment, whether you want to get rid of more fat in the area you originally targeted, or target a new area, many patients go through treatment once only.

Improves Your Health

The benefits of Smartlipo extend way beyond the surface. As a matter of fact, liposuction has been shown to reduce the total number of fat cells in the body, or triglycerides as they’re commonly referred to. High levels of triglycerides have been linked with higher heart disease risks, so not only can Smartlipo help you look good, but you feel good as well.

Get Your Self Confidence Back

Finally, the instant self-confidence boost that you’ll get from havingSmartlipo done is priceless. While losing weight through diet and exercise can be rewarding, the time in between can be depressing and could even cause you to abandon your efforts. With Smartlipo, the results are almost instant, so you don’t have to get through the possible discouragement that comes with a long workout and dieting routine.

So, Should You Be Getting SmartlipoDone?

Depending on what you’re looking for, Smartlipo might be the best procedure available if you’re trying to get rid of fat in specific areas. It’s fast, relatively inexpensive, and will allow you to get back on your feet in less than a week in most cases, making it one of the most convenient and least intrusive surgical weight loss procedures available.

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