3 Greatest Inventions Of The 19th Century


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Ever since the start of the industrial revolution, there were a plethora of inventions that slowly started to replace human labor. But there are certain inventions that are deemed as game-changing and have brought about a quantum leap in terms of technology, culture and socioeconomic. You would be familiar with some of these inventions if you go through NCERT physics class 12 solutions. But in case you are not, here are the three greatest inventions of the 19th Century.

Electric Light Bulb

Prior to 1879, every home in the world lit up after dark using oil burning lamps or candles. It was the only way to illuminate homes, streets, and alleyways. But it all changed with Thomas Alva Edison’s invention. But he wasn’t the first one to play with the concept, there were many who came before him. Edison, however, was the first one to produce a commercially viable light bulb.

Internal Combustion Engine

Steam engines were the only method of generating the power needed to operate machineries and equipment. They generated a lot of power but were extremely large and need a ready supply of coal. With the invention of the internal combustion engine in 1822, Jean Joseph Etienne Lenoir revolutionized many industries by providing a smaller, efficient source of power. This invention was the reason the Wright Brothers were able to take to the skies in their Kitty Hawk airplane. Had this invention not happened, we probably wouldn’t have airplanes and other automobiles today.


Today, we use our mobile phones for practically everything. But none of this would have been possible if the Alexander Graham Bell hadn’t invented the very first telephone. However, it wasn’t smooth sailing as right after he had invented his telephone, he faced so many lawsuits from competitors who claimed they had invented the telephone around the same time as him or earlier. But, he won it in the end and a decade later, his invention was adopted in more than 100,000 households in the United States.

In conclusion, these are one of the 3 greatest inventions of the 19th Century. Learn more about science through our NCERT science class 10 on BYJU’s website, or subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch interesting science videos.

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